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80s Was The Greatest


Amazing time !


Lakers in Short Sleeves

Lakers in Short Sleeves

Photo: LA Times

PSA Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting

PSA Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting

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Photo: AP

Co-Hosting NSU vs. NC A&T


NSU Stays Undefeated ! 16-0
Thanks to the NSU Athletics Department for giving me an opportunity to co-host with my Hot 91 Family, JRod.

Steps To Plan Out Your Dreams


If your like me, there is a dream job that you have always wanted. Usually, the thing that stops us from getting it is NO PLAN. I will be honest there is no blueprint that lays it out for you. Trust me, I have looked hight and low ! Planning what makes the difference of if you can live your dreams. So, below are a few steps on how to create your very own career map.

Write out your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences. It is best to list everything and then go back to highlight the ones that fit into your industry. Just because you like music does not mean that it is the best skill to list on your fashion stylist application.

Find out what you want long term (10-5 years) and short term (less than a year). Regardless of what someone else may think any of your goals can be realistic. Just give yourself enough time to reach them.

Remember in English class when the professor made you do outlines. Here is a chance to use those skills. Create a list of your long term to short term goals in that order. Once you have them down on paper (or typed up), write the steps you need to make to reach the short term goals first.

After you have the outline, make a separate 1 year plan for getting to the goals you set in the beginning. These goals can be big or small like an internship or create your first dvd.

Good luck & God Speed

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