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Listen To Your Heart

Dreamers & Believers, I hope this message inspirers you to keep going after your goals. It can be very discouraging to follow what others do not see. There are times were everyone everywhere will doubt your plans, passions and purpose. Only God can give you the true answer to all three. The key is to make time to listen to him when he speaks. Sometimes he will speak through prayer, people, music, videos, shows, books and nature. That’s right nature. He has told me so many things through an animal, water and plants.

In an animal that I saw flying, I heard him tell me to keep spreading my wings. Now, how can I spread wings that I do not have physically? Well, its more of a metaphor for my talents. I have been blessed to be what people call a jack of all trades. When your good at a lot of things, people will become threaten or insecure that can not do what you can. Just because they say something negative to you, that does not mean for you to dumb down your gifts.

This morning I woke up with Alicia Keys, “Brand New”, on my heart. My mentors would tell me it might be a sign. I took it as one to write this blog. God has put a new passion in my heart. That is to tell others that it is ok to go against the normal. It does not matter that some of your closest friends will fall by the wayside. Your family might even disown you. That’s why you have to ask yourself is it worth everything. Now, I am not saying to risk everything without a plan. Denzel has a phrase that many live by, “Do What You Have To Do, To Do What You Want To Do.” See the difference in What and Want. That is listening to your heart.

Until next time, here’s an inspirational performance by Alicia Keys that will explain how to do that everyday.

With Love and Laughs,
@IAmAlexis Jay


Co-Hosting NSU vs. NC A&T


NSU Stays Undefeated ! 16-0
Thanks to the NSU Athletics Department for giving me an opportunity to co-host with my Hot 91 Family, JRod.

Keep Calm & …


Keep Calm & ….

Those words have gone viral over the last several months. Recently, I developed my own. Keep Calm & Faith In God. He has shown me so much over this past month. The grace and mercy I have witnessed makes me believe in him more.

Im writing this testimony on a flight that had terrible turbulence. It shock a few people up. In the moment when most people were afraid, I just closed my eyes to pray. Many have said fear and faith can not operate together. This is why I continue to feed my spirit, so in moments like this I feel confident. Jesus’ love is powerful that I am still relaxed and will take another flight this weekend.

The only to fear is fear itself. Keep Calm and Faith In God.

Be Blessed.

App For That: Pooketbooth

Great for all the pics before the ball drops New Years Eve. Full Review on my YouTube Channel soon.









DL, Mike Hill & Turae in Newark


A few weeks ago, these guys were too cool. Laughs went all around the table about the Pacquiao-Marquez TKO that was heard all around the world. In case you forgot, here is a pic to refresh your memory.

Photo: Joe Camporeale, USA TODAY Sports
Photo: Joe Camporeale, USA TODAY Sports

 It was not easy to get all of the nine people in the group at one table thirty minutes before closing, but then again they are all pretty big deal. The night ended with great martini’s, wine and the corn Crème brûlée from Quality Meats.