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Retweets, Quotes and Conversations

Who can see when I reply to a mention on twitter? That is the question I am going to answer for you. This few weeks ago @RealDLHughley and I went through the steps to understand more about “replies” on Twitter. He had just posted a joke about Micheal Strayham’s front teeth. (screen shot of DL’s tweet) Not even a minute later, his timeline was filled with responses to his tweet. The comments started to come in almost every 10 seconds. Then, he proposed me with the question I stated earlier.

On twitter, there can be a whole “conversation” between two or more people. Usually, it is from replies that have gone back and forth. If you reply to a tweet when someone mentions your @name, only your followers saw it on their timeline. This means that that other person’s followers did not see your reply unless a few things happen. One, they retweet what you say in their reply. Two, this person “quotes” your tweet in the reply tweet they send (see exhibit B). The third way to see what your reply was is to click on “show conversation” (see exhibit C). Lastly, someone can search the #hashtag that you used in the conversation.

This can be one of the best ways to also gain followers. Typically, people want to see the tweets as they go back and forth. In order to do that, they need to follow both of the people that are tweeting.

Keep these things in mind to know who can see your tweets. For more answers to you social media questions, use the hashtag #AskJay or tweet me @IAmAlexisJay.