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To Be Right or To Just Write

Writing has never been easy for me. Go figure. Even as a radio/television journalist, the thought of it not meeting expectations kept me in fear. Close friends of mine are published freelancers, professional bloggers and then some. So who was I to think that I could write at their level? The person who finally said the only person stopping you is you.

Wait something is missing right now. Music. Untangles headphones, press play on my soundcloud to a Stevie Wonder mix. Ok, Im back. Its just something about music that helps me focus. Have you ever needed that special song to put you in the mood? This has helped me blog here and there so now I will use it to share my world with you.

There will be days I might rant, inform or be plain silly. One way or another my hope is to share something with you that you did not know already. Too often, knowledge from within stays within. If the world does not know what only you know, then it can not change the life of others. The gift in telling others your wisdom is simply experiencing the feeling of doing a “good deed.”

Today the Mayor of Chesapeake, VA dropped some of the most profound things in the middle of a Barnes & Noble. It will take me a whole post to tell you everything he said. Hopefully, we can convince him to do a google hangout with his new iPad. The most memorable quote I took away from our conversation was “Love God and the external will take care of itself.” On that note, my heart has made a huge shift. This post is proof of it.



That one word is not the easiest thing to do. You have to keep your thoughts positive. There will be times that this must be the case, even when all things feel like they are negative. One may find themselves listening to haters, non-believers or those that do not believe in anything. So… how do you believe?


This is the part that I am on in this journey of living my dreams. Things moved on a fast train for me in the media industry. Right after college, I went straight to the Big Apple. Going miles away from home took a lot of faith. Crazy thing thou, it was the easiest part back then. I knew what I wanted, already knew the subway and had a few family members there. Now, I was left with finding an opportunity to get on my career path of being a television personality.

Fast forward to 2013, I am now a co-host with #TheHotMorningShow on Hot 91.1 FM. It has been a goal of mine for a while that is now a reality. Getting here took working for free, then landing my first gig with Jacque Reid. While working with her on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, I was blessed to work on The DL Hughley Morning Show. All of this happened because I choose to have confidence in the thought that I was suppose to be doing what I loved.

I can go on about every detail. The main purpose was for anyone that is reading this to see “you can do it.” It will not be easy at all ! I repeat, “It will not be easy at all !” Challenges will come your way in every shape and form. Focus on the dream, stay prayed up and watch what God can make happen for you.

Peace, Love & Laugh

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Listen To Your Heart

Dreamers & Believers, I hope this message inspirers you to keep going after your goals. It can be very discouraging to follow what others do not see. There are times were everyone everywhere will doubt your plans, passions and purpose. Only God can give you the true answer to all three. The key is to make time to listen to him when he speaks. Sometimes he will speak through prayer, people, music, videos, shows, books and nature. That’s right nature. He has told me so many things through an animal, water and plants.

In an animal that I saw flying, I heard him tell me to keep spreading my wings. Now, how can I spread wings that I do not have physically? Well, its more of a metaphor for my talents. I have been blessed to be what people call a jack of all trades. When your good at a lot of things, people will become threaten or insecure that can not do what you can. Just because they say something negative to you, that does not mean for you to dumb down your gifts.

This morning I woke up with Alicia Keys, “Brand New”, on my heart. My mentors would tell me it might be a sign. I took it as one to write this blog. God has put a new passion in my heart. That is to tell others that it is ok to go against the normal. It does not matter that some of your closest friends will fall by the wayside. Your family might even disown you. That’s why you have to ask yourself is it worth everything. Now, I am not saying to risk everything without a plan. Denzel has a phrase that many live by, “Do What You Have To Do, To Do What You Want To Do.” See the difference in What and Want. That is listening to your heart.

Until next time, here’s an inspirational performance by Alicia Keys that will explain how to do that everyday.

With Love and Laughs,
@IAmAlexis Jay