Straight Dreams No Chaser

Its not always easy to follow your passions. There are road blocks that may come your way to reach the goals you want to achieve. So how does one chase their dreams even with adversity? You have to find a purpose in the things that make you the happiest.

The people you see in the media found their success in one or two ways. Lets start off with the easiest one luck. Some people say  it is not real and others will call it favor. Being in the right place at the right time is real. This is where the difference comes into play. Did you plan out a way for you to be at that location or did “it just happen” by accident?

No matter what path you take to get to your destiny, remember that the road will not always be easy. Looking back at the early stages of my career, I have realized that there were some really tough times. Packing everything up to move to New York without a savings will have anyone struggling. That still did not stop me from going after my dreams of living in the big apple. I remember having to pay my rent two weeks late, eating dollar pizza slices and looking for $2.25 in coins to get on the subway. The one thing that kept me motivated was my passion.

At the time, I did not know my purpose but I loved going to work. Some mornings I prayed that the radio station would have free breakfast or that my boss would offer to get me pancakes with their order. You may think I should have been able to have pity parties, right? Nope! There were only a few people that cared about me having a meal or money to and from home. In order to overcome adversity, people have to have a support system. I’ll be sure to explain how to create the best kind in one of my next post.

Stay driven, focus and give your talents to a real purpose. The response can often surprise you.

With Love and Laughter

Alexis Jay
@IAmAlexisJay on Twitter


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