Everyone has heard this phrase at least once. As a child, parents encourage their little ones to play nice with others. It is the one thing that we can do with almost anything. Food, music, events, jobs and information that will lead us to a better life. Now, in the digital age we can spread the wealth online without spending a dime.

In the morning, our inbox are filled with emails from co-workers, friends and family. Usually, they have sent us a link to a story with the solution to one of the problems we want to desperately solve. Sometimes it can come from them clicking copy and paste. Yet, the  fastest and easiest way is through a simple option. The new “share” button on majority of the websites we go to eliminate multiple steps into two or less.

Commonly, the steps to sharing information on social media platforms are complete under sixty seconds. Simply, stroll to the bottom of the article to find the Facebook, twitter, or email buttons.

They can be identified by their logos or for emails it would be a picture of a letter. The screen shot below will give you an idea on what they look like on websites. Click on it, press send and now the answer to your friends issue is on its way to be solved. Now, there may be a few kinks.

Be sure to log in on your social media sites. If you not logged in, the home screen for Facebook or twitter will appear. The internet can also time out if your connection is slow. Avoid this with using your mobile devices like cellular phones, ipads and tablets instead of a dial-up computer connection.

Help someone by showing that you care by sharing.

Alexis Jay

Social Media Specialist
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